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Fostering Creativity Without Breaking the Bank

Ways to add simple and cheap (whoo-hoo) items to your class to encourage creativity.

My yearly classroom budget was $50.00 Yet it was stimulating, exciting, and always had an added surprise provocation. Did I mention I had $50.00? Participants will learn tips to stock their classroom with creative pieces for FREE and low/no cost activities that will stimulate every little learner.

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Documenting Your Teaching Process

Using a camera for documentation and communicating with parents.

You’re busy! Between putting out fires, guiding lessons, and entertaining children, you’re gathering documentation for everyone's’ portfolios...oh yeah...did I mention that every parent wants to know what their child did today? Wow! That’s a lot! Work smarter, not harder. Participants will leave with tips and formats to create amazing documentation that can also be used for newsletters and daily updates.

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Enhancing Lessons with Sign Language (without being fluent).

The greatest day of my teaching career was when I introduced sign language to the class! I started in Fall and by Spring we had a completely quiet rug-time...completely quiet. Participants will learn how to add sign language to any lesson and leave with resources and lesson plan to get them started.